Build the life you were made to live

Rosie works alongside you as a mentor to help implement changes that are the cornerstones of life long wellbeing. She bridges the gap between medical recommendations and your own ability to successfully make healthy changes that’ll last you for the rest of your life, from an emotional, physical and mental stand point.

Key areas Rosie Focuses on are:

I got really curious about why humans categorically get the idea of what would make them ‘happy’ distorted. I noticed that people were being celebrated for the same things that were burning them out and I came to realise that the expectations society has of us this day and age are dangerous, unrealistic and if we’re not careful, they’ll remove us from who we really are and eventually make us ill. It became so apparent to me that our bodies will always present to us a bill, and I was determined not to learn the hard way.

I married my Yoga teaching with positive phsychology and trained in Holistic and Integrative health to help others find their mission, align with their own core values and make small changes to their lives that can have a huge impact on their overall wellbeing. Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy, and assisting in aligning you with your joy. So here we are, dive in, enjoy, and I can’t wait to connect with you all!

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‘You are not a drop in the ocean, 
youre an entire ocean in a drop' Rumi