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Breath Work And Meditation With Rosie Underwood


Since Covid-19 hit and social distancing rules were put in place, touch has inevitably been in short supply for many of us. But the impact of this could be more significant than you think. “Touch is something that is so natural, a way to express ourselves and communicate,” says Joshi, holistic health practitioner and founder of the Joshi Clinic.


Project Joy- The release of surfing, by Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Journalist and Stylist Rosie Underwood

Let yourself off the hook

‘DO N O HARM , take no nonsense, and let yourself off the hook!’ beams yoga teacher and influencer Rosie Underwood as she talks about self-care. ‘Straight-talking’ isn’t a word usually associated with yoga teachers, but it suits Rosie perfectly. ‘There’s so much pressure in this life right now – just give yourself a break!’ she continues. ‘You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. You’re a human – just be you.’ Click to download

By Integrative health coach, lifestyle journalist and Yoga teacher, Rosie Underwood Our bodies are amazingly wise. More so than we even realize, but right now, giving ourselves a helping hand to consciously boost our own natural defenses is crucial. The human body acts as a host for trillions of bacteria that work in synergy with your body to keep you at optimal health. But we so often overlook the fact that our microbiome, and our immunity is out of kilter. Here’s how to get back on track with a holistic approach to boosting immunity.

Does anyone else feel guilty or a sense they’re failing somehow when they don’t experience life highs more frequently than perhaps the outside world dictates we should? You’re not on your own in your thinking. We’re living in a time that’s constantly reminding us that we’re always lacking in something, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Consumerism mixed with the rise of social media and this ever-advancing technological era means that whilst we have the world at our fingertips, there’s been a report in a rise in negative physical health, mental health, as well as a decline in life satisfaction even before Corona swept the planet. Right now, we’re more connected than we’ve ever been, but more disconnected.


You know those people that when you talk to them, your mood instantly brightens and you feel inspired to take on the world? Well, Rosie Underwood is one of those people. The magazine-editor-turned-yoga-teacher-and-wellness-influencer radiates that particular kind of energy that comes from doing what you love and sharing it with the world. In the last decade, she swapped her live-fast-non-stop lifestyle for sun salutations and sea air, and along the way she’s learnt how to listen to her body and her mind, and care for them both as best she can.


Exploring the ocean on a single breath with Rosie Underwood

I’ve been launching myself into the sea at any given opportunity since before I could even walk…


I love how it makes me feel like we’re part of something much bigger than our immediate surroundings. I love how waves have the tendency to put me in my place like no human has ever had the ability to, and just looking at the horizon silences me…

Road tested beauty for sustainable adventures

As much as I’d like to believe I wake up looking fresh as daisies whilst on adventures, perhaps just living out of a small back pack housing just my Bam kit…

Dare to wear longer

Not washing your T-shirt for five days? Wearing it 24/7? No, I’m not talking about method acting for a role in Les Misérables. I’m talking about getting the carbon emissions of BAM’s sustainable threads to a zero
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