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Rosie’s uplifting and energetic Yoga sequences will have you appropriately warmed up to meet peak poses that best suit you as a practitioner, your ability, energy levels and mindset



I started my career in TV, and soon I found myself as the Fashion and Beauty editor of one of the UK’s best-selling titles at just 24 years old

About Me

About Me
Rosie's energy is both infectious and calming. This is not the stuffy, over-the-top yoga I used to be petrified of
Josh Smith
Glamour Magazine
Bursting with buzzing positive energy, Rosie truly represents what it is to live and breathe a spiritual life
Rosalind Moody
Soul and Spirit magazine
As dynamic as they are calming, Rosie's yoga classes are second to none. Expect to move, breathe, rest and relax, as well as push yourself into new poses, all in one expertly guided session. I'm a huge fan
Hannah Coates
Rosie is a generous, patient and intuitive teacher who brings a refreshing levity to her classes. I love her gentle strength, and her warm, welcoming and inclusive attitude
Laura Jordan,

Rosie Underwood is a teacher and specialist in Vinyasa flow with positive psychology, as well as an Integrative health coach and lifestyle journalist.

Her dedication to her yoga practice has taken her to all four corners of the globe, allowing her to fully understand what it takes to make people feel the best they possibly can, no matter what their circumstances.

Rosie has trained with over 85 of the wellbeing industry’s leading experts, including Deepak Chopra, Gabriella Bernstein and Doctor Andrew Weil, and has formulated a unique, well-rounded teaching and coaching practice as a result.

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Thanks for visiting! I’ve genuinely wanted to make other people happy since I was a child so it’s with a huge amount of pleasure my work in Yoga, holistic health and positive psychology has all married together on this platform to do exactly that!